Target the millennial market

  • 96% of festival - goers noticed the adverts on the screens

This year The Marketing Bureau looked after the digital advertising at the Weekender Festival in Jersey.

Whilst taking on the opportunity we decided to look at advertisers to not only create eye catching artwork but also come up with targeted adverts. To do this we took inspiration from the #FOMO psychology (Fear of Missing Out) and created interaction around the broadcasts on the screens using Instagram.

Millennials live in an Instagram world, capturing and sharing events as they are happening. Instagram’s popularity has soared, as June 2018, the mainly mobile photo sharing network had reached 1 billion monthly active users. Photos are shared by attendees in real-time, so people can literally watch other people’s experiences on social media while they are either at home or even in a different part of the festival site.

As you can imagine the ‘Insta Wall’ at the Weekender Festival was a huge success, over the 2 days we received over 10,000 interactions. The digital wall ran for a total of 3 hours each day in between advert breaks on the left and right screen.  And even the performers got in on the action by sending there images to the wall….

Sister Sledge selfie on the main stage at Weekender 2018


If the Instagram wall was sponsored it has the capacity to run on the center screen uninterrupted in every break and pre main stage. This would mean it would be seen for over 5 hours a day.

It wasn’t just pictures that made the wall, the IMAG crew captured some great moments during performances and were able to edit the clips and post back to the Insta wall  in a matter of minutes…  This included the moment Rag’n’Bone man passed a drink back through the crowd to the sound tower…



The Adverts played in prime time slots 48 times each day; in between the acts during the entire festival, played out on the large screens either side of the main stage.

This year’s Weekender; headlined by Dizzee Rascal and Rita Ora, was a complete sell out with a footfall of over 20,000 over the two days. The main stage area was the most popular area on site, many staying there all day.

To gauge the success of the screen advertising we spoke to festival-goers and asked two questions:

Did you notice the digital advertising? – 96% of those noticed the adverts on the stage screens.

How long would you say you watched the adverts for in one standing? – 89% said they watched the adverts in one standing for what they believed to be 5 minutes.

We also asked if they had any other comments about the advertising;

“When you start watching them, you get glued to the screen and you just keep watching”

“It was nice to have something on the screens that was interesting to pass the time waiting for the acts to come on”

A person who works in the production industry in Jersey told us;

“Looking at the advertising it showed that the majority of companies thought outside the box when it came to representing themselves to the festival crowd with bespoke adverts”

And finally a comment from the Marketing Manager of a well-known big brand told us;

“Advertising on festival screens such as here at the Weekender is so much more cost effective than TV, a lot more memorable and most importantly you have an audience you can physically see. The best thing about this type of advertising is the fact you can be as creative as you like, creating something you love and those watching will love it too”