Available Now – Flair Lifestyle Magazine

Flair (noun)
An original, exciting, and stylish way of doing something.


Flair Lifestyle magazine is all about luxury living.

With this issue, we’ve not only unveiled a new name for our magazine; which is distributed in the Executive Lounge at Jersey Airport, but also created a new style and design that’s perfect bound and both eye-catching and easy to navigate.

We also invited guest writers who have expertise in their field to provide interesting articles for our readers.

This year, to complement our new distribution point of the Executive Lounge, we have a section on World Travel, and the unique places and holidays you never knew existed!

Throughout our magazine, you will find stories on global trends, finance, opulent dining, property, future industries, the most expensive diamond in the world and the electric car industry, to name a few.

So now it’s over to you, time to indulge in luxury living and get lost in the pages of Flair.

You can take a look at it online right here.