Car park advertising at an all time high

Due to the increase in demand we’ve received from companies wanting to advertise in car parks in the first half of  the year, we’ve launched some brand new advertising  locations

From poster sites, large feature walls and internal lift wraps we have some exciting new spaces available.

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So why has car park advertising shown a significant growth?

To find out we took a look at the findings of a government report alongside some of our own independent research.

According to Jersey Opinions & Lifestyle Survey, 72% of Jersey’s working population is based in St Helier.

50% of islanders said they use a car or van to get to work with many of those commuters using a multi-storey car park on a daily basis to park.

With the States currently coming to the end of a car park maintenance scheme, it looks like the hard work has paid off.

In the Lifestyle survey islanders were also asked their thoughts on the cleanliness of the car parks. 87% rating them either good or very good.

New technology has also paved the way in making car parks an easier alternative to park in. Gone are the days of having to buy pay cards and scratching off times and dates. The ‘Pay by Phone’ parking system which was introduced in 2017 has simplified the parking process; At a click of a button on your mobile, you can pay for your parking.

Overall 95% of adults who had used the ‘Pay by Phone’ system found it a convenient method. The results also showed that usage of the system was high amongst younger adults; almost half of people aged 16 to 44 had used the mobile-based app.

What does the latest figures mean for Out of Home Advertising in Jersey?

The increase in the millennial target audience is a huge bonus for advertisers and provides a great opportunity for brands to expand their marketing strategy.

With St Helier’s five multi-storey car parks all located in the thriving St Helier town centre; Advertisers are able to use our sites to target specific markets. The people who park in a short stay car park such as Minden Place are usually shoppers, families and part-time employees, so this car park was a perfect place to launch 6 new poster sites targeting those shopping in town centre and surrounding areas.

If you are interested in launching a campaign in Minden Place Car Park or one of the other multi storeys then call us today on 01534 504800 or email