How to stand out and sparkle

We know it’s only October but already everyone is turning their attention towards the festive season, which means every business starts vying to get those all important customers through the doors to buy that must have product or service.

But it’s not just all about getting the right products on the shelves, you also need to remember to get your brand out there too.  You want customers to get your company name stuck in their head and make it become the first place they think to go.  With this in mind promotion and marketing services should become the forefront of your campaign.

Christmas is a perfect excuse to be really creative when it comes to marketing. It’s a chance to come up with a completely different way to grab the shoppers attention and make your company stand out in the Christmas crowds.

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We’ve come up with a few ideas of how we can help you stand out on the high street 

1 – Creating a simple gift guide can be a great way of drawing people towards your products. It’s something you can talk to shoppers about and gives them a chance to take it away and view in their own time.  It especially works if you go that extra mile and get them delivered door to door so they can be read in the comfort of the potential customers home.

2 – Customize your packaging… A little sparkle goes a long way! Think of ways to make Christmas special, offer a gift wrapping service, or a free gift tag that you can very subtly brand with your logo.

3 – Black Friday and Cyber Monday may not lead to huge queues on St Helier’s high street, but you can still use these days to bring more attention to your brand and products. Think outside the box instead of offering huge discounts look at adding a voucher.  That way you are looking at a returning customer and loyalty is everything in today’s consumer world.

4 – Stage a promotional event, stand out, involve street performers, a give away, it’s a chance to encourage people who may not usually venture in your business to take a look. It doesn’t need to be huge, just noticeable and attention grabbing.

5 – Customer experience, this is the key to success.  The build up to Christmas is a great way to encourage staff, identify areas for improvement; and most importantly where your staff are excelling,  this could give you the idea you need for that next campaign.