Increase your brand’s trust and loyalty

A new report published by ‘Rapport’; an out of home worldwide media specialist, shows that ‘Out of Home’ advertising sites, increase brand trust and customer loyalty especially when it comes to benefiting them on social media.

The report, named ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’, found that brands which allocated 15% or more of their media budget towards O.O.H. advertising benefited from a significantly greater social media uplift than those brands which shunned the segment entirely.  It also showed how out of home advertising boosts the effectiveness of other campaigns, whether it be on TV in the press or online.

In an increasingly cluttered media market and with people spending more time than ever before outside of their home, it’s important to take into account the benefits of effectively using Out of Home Advertising.

Take our Clock Tower for example, Jersey’s only outdoor digital screen,  thousands of islanders pass and view the screen daily, many of them more then once, so it’s a perfect place to get a brand out to the mass audience, all you need to do is provide the right message and the Clock Tower will offer you the right place and the right time.

So why not contact us today to find out how we can make your business stand out and grab the right attention! or call 01534 504800