Give your company the lift it needs!

For the first time in Jersey, you can now advertise within a multi-storey car park lift, targeting 1000’s of commuters every single day.

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So why should lift advertising be top of your agenda?

Advertisers in the last decade have had to innovate. With minimal sizeable physical space for artistic creation, the latest innovation has been to turn lift space into creative statements for companies.

There have been many interesting things written on the psychology of human behaviour in lifts.  It seems to be one of those potentially awkward moments where strangers invade each other’s personal space, and the most favoured social norm is to stare at the wall or floor until you reach your destination. Above all, research as shown that while staring at the wall, people read the information on. Therefore lift advertising has become a must for businesses.

The key is in creative design. Advertising is not just a one-way conversation. If you can engage the customer, they are likely to use it as a photo opportunity, tell their friends and colleagues and be influenced by the product.

It’s Surprisingly; lifts have not been embraced by advertisers sooner as lift advertising is a perfect medium with a captive audience who are all keen to be distracted.

So why not embrace this newly available creative space and lift your brand to new heights!