Filling The Streets With Colour

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Over the last few weeks, The Marketing Bureau has been asking young islanders to create colourful pictures so we can inject an array of colour back into the streets of St. Helier after lockdown.

We have been inundated with pictures, and a number of them are now live on our 3 digital screens in St. Helier, located in Broad Street, Sand Street Car Park and the large screen at Charing Cross known as The Clock Tower.

Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing more of the entries, so if you haven’t sent us your pictures you still have time to get them to us.

Julie Littlemore The Managing Director of The Marketing Bureau said ‘’We really wanted to plan for when the lockdown ends and people start getting back to some normality and creating a colourful way to make people smile as they venture out into the streets of St. Helier. ‘’

The team hope that this community project will provide some creativity during the lockdown and make St. Helier a much more colourful and happy place after this difficult time.

We have published a number of templates the youngsters can use to create their design you can download them here…

Once complete you can email your designs to