Jersey Airport – New development

Work on the redevelopment programme remains on target to have started by the end of 2018.

The £42m major works programme budget is not just focused on the creation of a new integrated two-storey arrivals and departures terminal but will include in due course the relocation of the Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Service building, improvements to the aircraft stands and taxiways, demolition of the former Jersey hangar as well as the eventual removal of the existing arrivals terminal building.

Inside, Jersey airport will be making big changes, predominantly involving Departure and Arrival areas.

The new 2,300 square-metre mezzanine benefits from natural light and a range of retail and catering offerings


The ultimate goal is to enhance the passenger experience by streamlining the check in/departure procedure. The biggest change will be that Departures and Arrivals will now be in one building, meaning operations behind the scenes will run more smoothly. The addition of the mezzanine floor in Departures will allow passengers more space to move around and more time to prepare before reaching security. There will be easy access for everyone with added escalators and lifts. A benefit of these changes will be the overall look of the building, the designs look modern and will allow more natural light to filter through making the terminal bright and airy for passengers.


 Access to the ground floor departure gates and passenger pier is via escalator, lift or staircase. 


The images above are the concept images from Ports of Jersey as to how they are planning the airport to look.

With regards to advertising, current sites will remain in situ for the next couple of years during the development, but there will be new and exciting prime positions for our advertisers within the new concept design of the airport.


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