Targeting the working population

72% of  Jersey’s working population are based in St Helier.

That is according to the latest Jersey Opinions & Lifestyle Survey, which surveyed over one thousand islanders.

So what else does the latest report tell us –

When questioned, 50% of islanders said they use a car or van to get to work with many of those commuters using a multi-storey car park on a daily basis to park.

Islanders were also asked what they thought of the cleanliness of the car parks with 87% rating them either good or very good.

It looks like the new ‘Pay by Phone’ parking system which was introduced in 2017 has helped increase the usage of  multi-storey car parks, making it easier for commuters to park and go.  Overall 95% of adults who had used the system found it a convenient method.  Usage of the system was high amongst younger adults; almost half of people aged 16 to 44 had used the mobile based app.

What does the latest figures mean for Out of Home Advertising in Jersey?

At The Marketing Bureau we have already seen a large increase in interest for advertising sites in our multi-storey car parks. This has been to such a degree that we have introduced over two dozen new sites which range from posters to large wall wraps.

St Helier’s five multi-storey car parks are all located in the thriving St Helier town centre; providing both short and long term parking opportunities, which means advertisers can target specific types of commuters and shoppers based around the length of a stay in a car park.

Take Pier Road multi-storey for example, our independent research shows this is popular with the working community, it’s a go-to car park for those based in offices around the town centre. The advertising sites in this car park are located near the only exit from each of the floors which gives advertisers a perfect opportunity to target office workers on their daily commute.

Pier Road Car Park is popular with daily office based commuters.

Then you have Sand Street car park – This is the busiest short stay car park in St Helier.  It is also the only car park with an alternative payment system which means a longer dwell time at the ticket booths; situated next to our Digital Kiosk.  This multi-storey has the highest daily turnover when it comes to occupancy with over 1,500 cars parking at the site on a daily basis.

All The Marketing Bureau advertising sites in Sand Street car park are strategically positioned to ensure maximum exposure to the potential consumer.  Many of our clients choose to be innovative and thought provoking with their advertising, incorporating the space around the site.

The main thing to remember is that car park advertising is one of the last windows of opportunity to get your brand or product noticed and to make it stand out in an ever growing market.

If you want to know more about car park advertising and our current availability visit our Jersey car parks page.

Sand Street car park is popular with the shoppers, with a daily average stay of just under 2 hours.