We turned cupid to show one couple some big love

Most people send flowers, give chocolates and write romantic poems in cards.

But one couple had their Valentine’s Day message and photo beamed on the big outdoor screen in St Helier for all to see.

leading up to Valentines Day The Marketing Bureau ran a competition for an islander to get their Valentine’s Day message on the outdoor digital screen known as the Clock Tower.

The lucky winner was Victoria who decided to dedicate her message to who she calls ‘the sweetest couple in the island’ her mother and father in law.

Recently Tara and Ian celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, they are madly in love and were over the moon to be sharing their message with the thousands of people that pass the clock tower screen on a daily basis!

We meet the happy couple under the Clock Tower at Charing Cross to see their message shining bright over St Helier.