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Over the last few months, The Marketing Bureau has been working on a number of initiatives to not only show support to frontline and essential workers but also help you all get back to business.

It’s good news that we are now moving back to our pre-lockdown status, particularly reaching Level 2 on Friday 12th June, allowing a significant amount of businesses across all sectors to now re-open.

We want to update you on footfall and Car Park occupancy as well as our latest business support:

St Helier is seeing a significant increase in footfall and as of 1st June, it is an impressive 84,000 and rising each week by around 12,000! This is excellent news for all our advertisers for the digital clock tower and Broad Street digital screens.

The multi-storey car parks have offered free parking during the lockdown and are currently maintaining this free service. Figures currently show over a 52% capacity of usage, Minden Place and Sand Street being over 75% occupancy!

Therefore, we are offering some cost-effective advertising opportunities and payment plans across all of our sites, including 4 digital screens, car park sites and our Pomme d’Or Hotel windows.

Our Managing Director, Julie Littlemore has written a blog on why exposure at this current time is so important, you can read it here.

Email sales@marketing.je to find out how we can help you get back to business.


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