Key Info
  • Target over 150,000 people every week
  • Instant uploads with no printing costs
  • Advertise using static or full moving imagery and video

Location Info

All our screens are located in high footfall areas, with 5 sites in the heart of St Helier.




The Clock Tower

Our largest outdoor full-colour LED digital screen, strategically positioned on King Street in the bustling town centre of St. Helier, offers a captivating platform to elevate your advertising campaign and amplify your brand’s visibility. Situated along the primary pathway from multi-story car parks and the finance centre, this screen effectively captures the attention of over 150,000 individuals every week. It’s an unbeatable opportunity to make a lasting impression and boost your brand awareness.

Format – static or video.
Duration – 10 and 20 seconds.

Sand Street Digital  

Situated at street level Sand Street Multi-Storey Car Park in St. Helier’s town centre, this digital screen offers prime visibility. Positioned adjacent to the main stairwell and lift, and in proximity to the pay ticket machines, it effortlessly captures the attention of all users. On average, it showcases your content an impressive 26,280 times each month, reaching an estimated audience of around 39,000 vehicles per month. It’s a high-impact location to ensure your message stands out.

Format – static or video.
Duration – 10 and 20 seconds.

Patriotic Street Digital 

Situated at street level within Patriotic Street Multi-Storey Car Park in St. Helier. It’s conveniently situated at the point where both cars and pedestrians enter and exit the area. Notably, the car park neighbours the Jersey General Hospital and a number of finance buildings ensuring your content reaches a diverse and engaged audience on average of 26,280 times each month, reaching an estimated audience of around 39,000 vehicles per month. This prime location offers an exceptional opportunity to capture the attention of a broad range of individuals and make a lasting impression.

Format – static or video.
Duration – 10 and 20 seconds.

Broad Street Digital 

Our dynamic digital screen is strategically positioned in a bustling outdoor pedestrian area at the heart of St. Helier’s town centre. Situated directly across from the entrance to the Jersey Post Office, shops and cafés, this prime location captures the eyes of pedestrians and shoppers.

The screen operates 24 hours a day, ensuring round-the-clock visibility. Each advertisement receives a minimum of 43,000 impressions every month, making it an exceptional platform to reach your target audience and leave a memorable impact.

Format – static or video.
Duration – 10 and 20 seconds.

Pomme Digital 

Nestled at the prestigious Pomme D’Or Hotel on Conway Street, this prime location offers unmissable exposure to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It’s the primary route for travellers moving to and from the Liberation bus station, Jersey Harbour’s main ferry terminal, and St. Helier’s bustling town centre.

Our digital screens are strategically placed in 3 of the hotel’s windows and are all included in the rates. Featuring high-resolution, landscape-oriented 16:9 screens, they deliver vibrant and eye-catching visuals to enhance the impact of your advertisements. This is a golden opportunity to ensure your message shines brightly in a key thoroughfare.

Format – static or video.
Duration – 20 seconds only.

Jersey Airport Executive Lounge Digital 


The Executive Lounge at Jersey Airport presents an exceptional advertising platform for reaching a discerning audience. This includes business executives and high-net-worth individuals. Within the Executive Lounge, we offer digital advertising and magazine placement opportunities in prominent locations, ensuring maximum exposure to a captive and affluent traveling audience. This exclusive environment is the perfect setting to elevate your brand and engage with a highly desirable demographic.

Format – static or video.
Duration – 10 and 20 seconds.

Condor Digital 

The Condor Ferries Digital Screens offer an ideal platform for your advertising message to reach a substantial audience of over a million passengers traveling between the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, and St Malo. Your advertisement will be broadcast on all the digital screens onboard the ferries, ensuring wide exposure. Additionally, it will be featured at the Poole Port terminal.

The digital screens serve a dual purpose by displaying essential passenger information such as safety instructions and onboard facilities. This guarantees a captive and engaging audience with ample opportunities for passengers to view your message. It’s a powerful way to ensure your brand is seen by a vast and diverse group of travellers.

Format – static or video.
Duration – 30 seconds only.

Location Map of all Digital Sites