Market Research

Market Research has become integral to company strategies due to increased competition in the commercial and retail business environments. Regardless of whether you’re starting or expanding your business, market research is vital to understanding your customers, planning strategies and increasing sales.

The Marketing Bureau offers both quantitative and qualitative research through surveys and focus groups. We can manage every aspect of the research project from start to finish or just organise the components you require, such as staffing or data processing.

Quantitative Research – Surveys and Questionnaires: Surveys or questionnaires allow your organisation to analyse the market using factual data. The Marketing Bureau can design or advise you on your questionnaire in relation to your objectives, provide professional market researchers for fieldwork, process all data and analyse the results to generate valuable insights. Choose to receive your report as a simple written summary or as a full graphical presentation.

Qualitative Research – Focus Groups: Qualitative research can provide invaluable observational evidence for your business to gain an understanding of your consumers, and what they think, feel and do. The Marketing Bureau coordinates focus groups to help organisations learn the true feelings and opinions of their customers. Through designing the focus group discussion agenda based on your objectives, recruiting a diverse range of appropriate participants, facilitating the group discussion, and analysing the findings, The Marketing Bureau can present valuable insights into the perception of your products and services and present them in a format of your choosing.

Market research projects that The Marketing Bureau has undertaken include a large scale survey conducted in Jersey and Guernsey every 3 months for more than 5 years, and surveys for newly established business looking to determine the receptiveness of their proposed target market.