We’ve been helping our clients get back to business.

Over the last few weeks we've been working with a number of new clients, who have all used our advertising sites to stand-out and promote that they are back in business! Here are some of our latest additions...

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Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand

Our Managing Director, Julie Littlemore, has written a blog on the benefits of brand exposure during a crisis, and why it's important to adapt to these new circumstances rather than retreat.

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Filling The Streets With Colour

Over the last few weeks, The Marketing Bureau has been asking young islanders to create colourful pictures so we can inject an array of colour back into the streets of St. Helier after lockdown.

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Frontline Thank You

We have given our clients the opportunity to join us in saying a huge THANK YOU to all the amazing frontline workers in Jersey by being part of a message displayed on our large Clock Tower digital screen in St Helier.

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How To Be Creative With Out of Home Advertising

With Easter this weekend we thought we would turn our attention to one of our team's favourite topics, chocolate...

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Take Part In Stay Home Gorillas!

Last summer we were proud to take part in the Go Wild Gorilla Trail now they are back with a lockdown version, called Stay Home Gorillas! The Covid-19 version of the much-loved sculpture trail.

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Supporting Local Businesses

During the island-wide lockdown, The Marketing Bureau is supporting businesses by bringing our digital out of home advertising sites into YOUR home, through the power of digital.

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A Message To All Our Customers

The health and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers are of the utmost importance. As our customer, you are part of our community, and it goes without saying that our thoughts are with everyone affected by the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).  We want to assure you of our commitment to mitigating the risk within our facilities, local communities and on the business. 

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Give your company the lift it needs!

For the first time in Jersey, lift advertising is available in all of St Helier’s multi-storey car parks.

Lifts are a perfect medium for advertisers to capture the attention of the thousands of commuters who use them on a daily basis.

Rubis are the first to take ownership of not one, but two of these unique moving spaces.

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Available Now – Flair Lifestyle Magazine

With this issue, we’ve not only unveiled a new name for our magazine, but also created a new style and design that’s perfect bound and both eye-catching and easy to navigate.

Throughout our magazine, you will find stories on global trends, finance, opulent dining, property, future industries, the most expensive diamond in the world and the electric car industry, to name a few.

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After 12 years the wait is over…

Two of the most popular and prime poster sites are once again available after 12 years.

The A0 size sites located in the 1st-floor and 3rd-floor stairwells of the very busy Sand Street car park have been home to the posters of the Co-operative Society since 2007.

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What’s New at The Marketing Bureau

We've got Flair, a no. 1 gorilla & we are helping Jersey Dairy bring back Breakfast!

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