Pomme d’Or Windows

Key Info
  • The displays are on the main footpath from Liberation Station and the ferry terminal into the high street.
  • Footfall in the area is approx. 140,000 per week.
  • Out of Home advertising is the key medium to reach shoppers in the 30 minutes prior to purchase.
  • 40% of shoppers see display advertising as their last window of influence.

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Pomme d’Or Window Displays

With four window displays, it’s a perfect opportunity to produce a 3D display with creative impact to your advertising.  Windows for displays are 600mm in depth which allows you to place products or create 3D displays. There are 3 window areas to the front of the window which can be used for different messages and branding.

Pomme d’Or Digital Screens

Located at the Pomme D’Or Hotel in Conway Street, the prime location exposes the windows to both footfall and vehicle traffic. It is the main walkway to and from Liberation bus station, Jersey Harbour main ferry terminal and St Helier’s central town centre. The Digital screens are placed in two of the windows of which both are included in the rates and are ideal for short term campaigns. The high resolution landscape 16:9 screens create bright and colourful images to add impact to adverts.

Location Map of Pomme d’Or Windows