Car Parks

Key Info
  • The 5 multi-storey car parks are used by nearly 2 million vehicles each year
  • Prime outdoor advertising sites in the heart of St Helier
  • Eye-catching floor graphic adverts in high footfall areas

Location Info

Car park advertising provides major exposure for local, national and international advertisers alike. The 5 multi-storey car parks, all located in thriving St Helier, provide prime outdoor advertising opportunities to gain exposure to almost 2 million vehicles each year. The car parks are located at: Sand Street, Minden Place, Pier Road, Green Street and Patriotic Place.

Market research shows that buying decisions can be influenced right up to the moment of purchase. Therefore, attracting the attention of people parking their cars can prove to be a very effective form of promotion for products and services. Car Park advertising receives extremely high levels of exposure and therefore also provides a solid platform for advertisers to build brand awareness or conduct a marketing campaign that is guaranteed to be seen by thousands of individuals every day.

Average Vehicle Figures:

Car Park Daily Monthly Annually
Sand Street 1,400 42,583 511,000
Minden Place 1,100 33,458 401,500
Pier Road 500 15,208 182,500
Green Street 845 25,702 308,425
Patriotic Street 900 27,375 328,500
TOTAL 4,745 144,326 1,731,925