Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping provides objective insights into exactly how your business is presenting itself to your consumers. It allows you to measure customer service and the overall customer experience, and identify areas where improvement is needed or where staff are excelling.

The Marketing Bureau offers a bespoke mystery shop programme to meet your company’s requirements, enabling you to keep ahead of the competition, increase profitability, and ensure you receive recommendations and repeat business from your customers.

Mystery shop findings can be presented as a standard outline of the results or as a full graphical report that analyses the findings, draws conclusions, and suggests recommendations.


  • “Mystery Shopping has never been more important than during these challenging times in Retail. Being able to gain in-depth customer insight and use it to quickly adapt has been key, particularity when switching to an ‘online only’ offering and maintaining our high levels of customer experience whilst adhering to Covid restrictions. The ability to benchmark our service levels and specifically target certain services using mystery shoppers has enabled us to identify shortfalls in our service and address them before they impact our customers.”

    Mystery Shopping Client A.* (*Our Mystery Shopping clients are kept confidential due to the nature of the work.)
  • “Mystery shopping will be the only way to know if new health and safety measures are being complied with. Customers will flood social media with commentary, both negative and positive about brands within our store about our performance around this issue. Mystery Shopping in our retail business allows us to closely monitor our people’s performance and the quality of service they provide to every customer. It teaches our employees why it’s important to be mindful of every customers needs and ensures customers that the products that are sold within our business are quality, from the knowledge of our sales consultants.”

    Mystery Shopping Client B* (*Our Mystery Shopping clients are kept confidential due to the nature of the work.)