Pomme d’Or Windows Availability

Please note all photographs used for the below site descriptions may not be current and are shown for example purposes only.


Our aim is to accommodate client budgets and specific campaigns, so we offer short term contracts on most of our sites. We can produce bespoke campaigns across all of our sites to offer maximum exposure and impact. Please call us to discuss short term bookings and campaigns and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Please enquire for production and fitting rates email: sales@marketing.je

Rate Per Annum
This is the closest window to the entrance of the cafe at the Pomme d'Or Hotel regularly visited by both islanders and visitors. The window display can be used to create a vibrant display.
This window is very central to the displays targeting all those that pass by. This vibrant display area really does stand out and catches the attention of those passing by.
Located in a busy area of St Helier used by both tourists and commuters, this window is the 5th down from the Pomme d'or Hotel cafe. Giving you the perfect chance to grab the attention of those using the popular walkway.
This is the final window you see before you reach the main shopping precinct of St Helier. It is a great opportunity to capture the attention of passes by. Situated close to the islands only bus terminal and near to Jersey Harbour the area is constantly busy with pedestrians.