Traditional Advertising is still holding its own

Unlike many other media and marketing industries, digital hasn’t completely taken over when it comes to Out of Home Advertising as traditional forms of advertising are still holding their own with a 50% / 50% split.

Why and how? I hear you ask….  Well here are three good reasons…

  • Traditional Advertising offer exclusive slots – When you take a digital advertising site you will usually be required to share space with other companies.  In contrast traditional advertising is exclusive and can be yours for months and even years.


  • Traditional Advertising is more energy efficient – Yes we know they are usually printed on paper or vinyl and this may seem like a strange claim, but think of it this way;  Paper and vinyl can be recycled, made into something new! Digital advertising takes a huge amount of energy to run, so if your brand has a social conscious, traditional advertising could be more in keeping with your values.


  • Traditional Advertising is Cost effective – When you compare out of home advertising to newspaper and TV advertising you are getting a lot more for your money.  It’s not like you can throw OOH Advertising away, or turn it over.  It is up 24/7 and there to be seen.  It is also more affordable to place adverts in prominent and high traffic locations, so think of the impact and reach this form of advertising could have on your brand.


These reasons are why we at The Marketing Bureau are not turning our back on traditional advertising with the introduction of a number of new sites in 2019.  We have some brand new  prime spaces; The biggest  sites we have ever offered and some more creative spaces.  If you are interested in a brand new canvases to work on and take ownership of contact us today